A safe place for your ZFS snapshots

Zkeep lets you send and recieve zfs snapshots to and from "the cloud".

This makes it a very convenient and efficient way to do offsite backups of ZFS filesystems. To backup a filesystem you simply pipe the output from zfs send to the zkeep client, which then encrypts the data before uploading it to Google Cloud Storage.

Zkeep is made to be a secure, dependable, easy to use, and reasonable way to do offsite backups of ZFS data. ZFS' ability to create snapshots of the state of the complete filesystem and send just the incremental changes between them from one system to another makes it a great way to do dependable offsite backups.

Introductory examples

Create and upload first snapshot (snap1) backup of filesystem named "tank":
  • zfs create snapshot tank@snap1
  • zfs send tank@snap1 | zkeep upload
After some time, create and upload snapshot with changes made in filesystem since first snapshot:
  • zfs create snapshot tank@snap2
  • zfs send -i tank@snap1 @snap2 | zkeep upload
If disaster strikes, and you want to restore from backup:
  • zkeep download --snapshot tank@send2 | zfs receieve tank
This will restore the "tank" filesystem as it was when snapshot snap2 was created.


It's in private beta for now, stay tuned for updates!

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