What is zfs?

ZFS is “Zettabyte File System”. A very good filesystem for storing large (and small) amounts of data in a reliable way.

There is an active community driving opensource development of ZFS on FreeBSD, Linux and other operating systems. The different opensource implementations coordinate through the OpenZFS project.

Some benefits with ZFS:

  • Data integrity: All data is checksummed. Disk errors can be detected and automatically corrected.
  • Pooled storage: The filesystem can span multiple disks seamlessly. The storage capacity is increaseds simply by adding more disks.
  • Easy administration: Convenient and advanced administration functionality that is easy to understand and use safely.
  • Atomic snapshots: One can at any time create a snapshot of the state of the filesystem at that instant. This along with ZFS send/receive functionality is the foundation that Zkeep builds upon.

Why is there no answer to my question?

Because no one has asked about it yet.

Please mail you question to support@zkeep.io